MyPublicWiFi 28.2

Creates hotspots from wired Internet connections to laptops and PCs

Share your computer's wired Internet connection with other people near you by creating a private wireless hotspot. Restrict access to specif websites and view a log with all the websites visited by the people connected to hotpot.

Do you know that you do not need to buy expensive equipment to have a small wireless? Provided your computer has a wireless network card, you can run MyPublicWifi to convert it into a Wi-Fi hotspot.
MyPublicWifi is a light application, which makes it easy to download. At the same time, this software is very easy to use.

When you use it for the first time, you can set up and start the hotspot right away using automatic hotspot configuration. The program will provide a name for the network and a network key but you can change them at will. In addition, you can decide to share your Internet connection with your network clients. In case you want to activate this option, you must also select which connection you will be sharing Internet from. This is perhaps the most useful of this software’s characteristics as it will allow you to save money on Internet connection costs. If you have already set up a hotspot, you can start the hotspot just by pressing a button.

Additionally, you can visualize a list of all the clients connected to the hotspot. Finally, there are some management options available. One of them is related to banning clients from using file-sharing software. You can also tell MyPublicWifi to start automatically with Windows. Finally, if you want to audit your network’s traffic, you can set it to keep a log of visited sites.

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